Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Trivia Photo of the Week

I'm a former college football and college basketball player that played both sports for both Arkansas and Oklahoma State. Who am I?


  1. Congratulations once again goes to Ringo for being the first to answer the Trivia Photo of the Week correctly.

    Nutt was the last player recruited by legendary Arkansas head coach Frank Broyles before his retirement in 1976. Nutt was recruited as a drop-back style quarterback and started four games as a true freshman.
    Nutt also played that year for the Southwest Conference champion Arkansas basketball team under coach Eddie Sutton which went 26–2 and bulled its way to a 16–0 conference mark.
    With the retirement of Frank Broyles, Arkansas hired Lou Holtz as the head football coach. Holtz established an option offense which did not make use of Nutt's passing style and relegated him to the bench as a backup.
    Disappointed by his lack of playing time, Nutt transferred to Oklahoma State University and played two years as a backup quarterback. During his time at Oklahoma State he also played for the basketball team. Nutt graduated from Oklahoma State in 1981 with a degree in physical education.