Thursday, September 9, 2010

All Rise! Judgement Day Saturday

The 2010 college football season is barely a week old and we're already on the verge of witnessing a cleansing of pretenders from the contenders of epic proportions.
Saturday's slate features four games between ranked teams, meaning that by this time on Sunday, the resulting Top-25 landscape could make an episode of Extreme Hoarders look nice and tidy.
And we're not just talking rankings here, we're talking dyed in the wool, blue-blood showdowns.
Games like No.22 Georgia at No.24 South Carolina, No.17 Florida State at No.10 Oklahoma, No.12 Miami at No.2 Ohio State and No.18 Penn State at No.1 Alabama.
You know it's a good weekend when games like South Florida at Florida and Oregon at Tennessee are not even mentioned in the same breath as the big games of the weekend.
Even Michigan at Notre Dame is not only relevant again, the winner could pop into the Top-25 for the first time in more than two years thanks to a "Shoelace" and an offense that makes television networks rethink how they break for commercials.

We learned a lot from last Saturday - that Boise State's for real, the hardest pass in the Florida offense to complete is from Mike Pouncey to John Brantley and even Jeremiah Masoli couldn't find a NCAA loophole big enough to beat Jacksonville State.
But, we'll learn a lot more on this Judgement Day Saturday.

NCAA's math not adding up 

You would think that since the NCAA spends a lot of time around colleges - a.k.a.: institutions of higher learning - that they'd be able to at least perform a simple math equation.
Not so.
Now, I've never been known as the sharpest pencil in the desk, but when you compare the punishments the NCAA handed down recently, you have to wonder just who's at the wheel of the ol' calculator these days.
Exhibit A: The NCAA levied a two-game suspension on Alabama Crimson Tide defensive end Marcell Dareus for receiving improper benefits from an agent stemming from two trips to Miami, and he must now repay $1,787 to the charity of his choice before regaining his eligibility.

($1,787 in improper benefits) divided by (2 games) = $893.50 per game.

Exhibit B: The NCAA levied a four-game suspension on Georgia Bulldogs' wide receiver A.J. Green for receiving improper benefits from an agent stemming from selling his Independence Bowl jersey, and he must now repay $1,000 to the charity of his choice before regaining his eligibility.

($1,000 in improper benefits) divided by (4 games) = $250 per game.

With me so far?
OK, then why does Green, who received nearly half the improper benefits that Dareus received, have to sit out twice as many games?
I'm no math major, but that just doesn't add up.

CFRT's Pick 6 
No.21 Auburn at Mississippi State 

Thursday nights in Starkville can be hard on visiting teams. Both teams had their offenses rolling against inferior opening opponents last week. Auburn gave up 323 yards passing to Arkansas State while the Bulldogs threw for a near-record 372 yards on Memphis. Mississippi State, 35-28.

No. 22 Georgia at No.24 South Carolina 
UGA coach Mark Richt has a 30-6 record in true road games, so playing in Columbia is only a slight, if any, advantage for the Gamecocks. The real advantage is that SC's Head Ball Coach Steve Spurrier seems to have a QB (Sr. Stephen Garcia) who finally "Gets it." Gamecocks, 24-20.

No.17 Florida State at No.10 Oklahoma
The Seminoles made their name by going on the road to play major opponents. After each big road win, FSU brought back a piece of the opposing field and ceremoniously buried it in the "Sod Cemetery" next to Doak Campbell Stadium. Last year no one gave the Seminoles a chance at BYU - who had just shocked Oklahoma, and knocked out Sam Bradford in the same game - and FSU played their best game of the season. As a side note, new Seminole defensive coordinator Mark Stoops is the brother of Sooners head coach Bob Stoops. FSU, 34-31.

Michigan at Notre Dame
Last year this was the Hotseat Bowl, and sure enough, the loser - Charlie Weis got canned at the end of the season. Could this be Rich Rod's last UM/ND game? I don't think so. Michigan, 27-21.

No.12 Miami at No.2 Ohio State
The hardest game to pick on this mammoth week of games. I think the winner of this game not only puts themselves in great position to play for all the BCS marbles, but the winning QB may also make his early case for the Heisman. Ohio State 17-16.

No.18 Penn State at No.1 Alabama
Age will make the difference in this game. And, despite the fact that PSU coach Joe Paterno is 83 years old, his age will have little to do with the outcome. PSU's starting QB is true freshman 18-year old Rob Bolden. 'Bama senior QB Greg McElroy is 22. Crimson Tide, 22-18.

Last Week: 4-2
Season: 4-2

Your Saturday "Couch Schedule"

Can't figure out what games to watch? What channel? What time?
Don't worry, we've got you covered.
CFRT believes in making your Gameday viewing experience as efficient as possible - even if the only quality time it creates is between your backside and your couch.
Here's the ones to watch and why.

"Early Game"

No.22 Georgia at No.24 South Carolina at noon on ESPN2 

"Remote Control Roulette Games"
No.17 Florida State at No.10 Oklahoma at 3:30 p.m. on ABC
No.12 Miami at No.2 Ohio State at 3:40 p.m. on ESPN

"Night Game"
No.18 Penn State at No.1 Alabama at 7 p.m. on ESPN


  1. AJ Green's fine was $1000 divided by four games= $500 a game, or does it equal $250 per game. WE all make misstakes, don't worry about that. I like Alabama to win as well, but they will win by at least 14 points. Miami is gonna stun OSU. FSU will give her hell but fall just a little short. The South Carolina game chickens will fight a hard one and win by seven. Auburn tigers wills roar by three. The game between Michigan and Notre Dame I could care less about, they are two of the worst teams that get more publicity than they deserve. I say give it to the little green men by ten.

  2. Nice catch! I must be using the ol' NCAA calculator! No, I should not be writing my columns at 5 in the mornings.

  3. Florida will win easily, because WE WILL BE ABLE TO SNAP THE FOOTBALL! The ol' ball coach will start off the SEC season with a win at home. Even though Georgia has pretty good youngsters out there heres the reason why. Spurrier beats Georgia plain and simple. Notre Dame and Michigan. hmm I'm going to go with the Wolverines. Florida State will beat Oklahoma because just in case we lose to Bama in regular season, it will boost FSU in the BCS and maybe when we win the SEC the Gator will jump over Boise St and play for the BCS championship lol. Ohio State will beat the Buckeyes but it will be close. Home field advantage will help Ohio State. Bama will beat Joe-Pa but again it wil be close. I'm calling it WYOMING pulls the upset by beating BOISE ST. wait i just dont like Boise St.

  4. Here is my Boise St vent. Boise St needs to quit whining and people need to get off their bandwagon. The had all season to prepare for Virginia Tech. Are you telling me if they played in the Big 10, Big 12, SEC or heck even Pac-10 they could prepare for a USC, Florida, Texas, Ohio State in a week after playing another conference team. I don't think so. Heck if Florida had a one game season with their first game meaning so much I think they could win and earn a spot in the BCS championship game. Boise St is overrated and someone tell them to join a real conference instead of the Big Moutain SWAC JV conference