Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Trivia Question of the Week

What college did Lane Kiffin play quarterback for?


  1. Fresno St. - - Ringo

  2. Karte Kid University (Fresno St.)

    Because that's where Daniel Larusso lived in the movie. Lane Kiffin was the cool blonde haired kid.

  3. Congratulations to Ringo for being the first one to properly answer the Trivia Question of the Week for September 7.

    Kiffin is a 1993 graduate of Bloomington Jefferson High School in Minnesota[3] and a 1998 graduate of California State University, Fresno.

    He played backup quarterback for the Fresno State Bulldogs and gave up his senior season to become a Student Assistant Coach at Fresno State University, where his position coach was current University of California Head Coach Jeff Tedford.

    He earned his bachelor degree in Leisure Service Management from Fresno State in 1998 where in addition to football, he played basketball and baseball.