Saturday, October 9, 2010

What 2 Watch 4

CFRT Editor

Here are three things you might just see during your college football Saturday today.

Win or else?

Last week in this very spot I wrote that with the combination of getting A.J. Green back and playing a winnable stretch of games in Colorado, Tennessee and Vanderbilt, the Georgia Bulldogs' offensive numbers would begin to improve drastically and UGA would experience a turnaround of fortunes for their season.
I was half right.
Their offensive numbers did improve with Green in the lineup, but a late turnover ended any hopes of them beating the Buffaloes, and sealed their fourth consecutive loss.
Today, Georgia (1-5) hosts a Volunteers team that suffered an even crueler fate than the 'Dawgs, losing to LSU after seemingly winning the game that was apparently played in the Les Miles Time Zone.
Problem is, Tennessee was expecting heartbreak and disappointment this season, Georgia wasn't.
A loss today would give the Bulldogs their first five-game losing streak since 1953, and could be the straw that breaks head coach Mark Richt's contractual back.
Say this does happen, does this then become an audition for the guy on the opposite sideline - Derek Dooley?
Yes, I know Dooley's only been at UT for (not even) one season, but how long did Lane Kiffin stay in Knoxville after he was offered his "dream job?"
Dooley is the son of UGA coaching legend Vince Dooley.
Just sayin...

Big Heisman stock day

There are a couple of games today in which we could really see some candidates either distance themselves from the competition or take a major hit in the Heisman Race.
Alabama runningback and reigning Heisman-winner Mark Ingram leads his No.1 Crimson Tide into Columbia for a Top-20 showdown against the No.19 South Carolina Gamecocks.
Meanwhile, the No.18 Michigan Wolverines and their dynamo QB phenom Denard Robinson will be hosting No.17 Michigan State.
Both games are nationally televised games involving Heisman candidates with Top-20 teams.
This is exactly the platform a candidate needs to showcase his wares, but it's also a prime opportunity to have a sub par - or even worse, insignificant - performance.
If Ingram and Robinson are going to have a "signature moment" in 2010, this could be one of them - good or bad.
Watch for one of them to take one step forward and the other to take two steps back.

Just what the doctor ordered?

If you think Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh took great pleasure in beating the USC Trojans last season, you may not have seen anything yet.
The Cardinal completely dominated USC last year to the tune of a 55-21 wood-shed whooping, but that's not all.
Stanford not only scored 27 points in the final quarter of that game, Harbaugh attempted an unnecessary two-point conversion leading 48-21 with 6:41 remaining.
That prompted then Trojan coach Pete Carroll to accuse Harbaugh of running up the score (ya think?).
The Cardinal happens to be coming off a humbling, 52-31, shellacking at No.4 Oregon last week, so getting back on track is a priority.
Unfortunately for USC, it may just turn out to be a Stanford train track.

Your thoughts?


  1. Looks like Richt's job is safe for at least one more week.

  2. Kiffin deserves everything he gets....except jobs!

  3. This was the game last year that put Ingram in the Heisman conversation, racking up 426 rushing yards agianst South Carolina. Will anything less make it "insignificant"?