Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Arm-Chair Quarterback Question

They say college football in the South is different than anywhere else. 
Family's are divided, children are named after players or coaches and wedding plans are put off until after the fall. 
Do you have any examples of things like this or other things that show just how important college football in the South is?


  1. My Mom knew what she was in for when my Dad,on October 22, 1966, a historicaly significant night. Spent the night with an ear piece in one ear from a transistor radio, listening to Steve Spurrier defeat LSU 28-7, in his Heisman Trophy winning senior season. Um, their Wedding Anniversary is Oct 22........1966!

  2. Once, at a wedding reception, me and my brother-in-law had to share a pair of earbuds listening to the Florida/Alabama game in 2006.
    We had just listened to the first half as we walked into sit down for the wedding, and as luck would have it, the entire ceremony was over by the second half kickoff.
    By that time, we had entered into the reception, and that's when my brother-in-law realized his mp3 player was messed up, so we decied to share.
    While most everyone huffed at our audacity to listen to a football game during such a special moment, my brother-in-law and I ignored them and because we were listening to just one pair of earbuds (he had the left bud, I had the right), we never got more than a foot away from each other until the game was over.
    My cousin (it was her wedding we were at) never batted an eye at what we were doing and nevetr once got upset.
    Now THAT'S how important college football is in the South!