Saturday, September 11, 2010

What 2 Watch 4

Here are three things you can expect to see today on your College Football Saturday.

Case Stating

Neither team can win a national championship today.
Neither quarterback can win the Heisman Trophy today.
But, the winner between these two today just might be in the driver's seat for both.
Watch No.2 Ohio State and No.12 Miami and you'll see just how special the Buckeyes' Terrelle Pryor and the Hurricanes' Jacory Harris really are.
And they're both going to be facing what should be the best defensive lines either will face this season.
Ohio State has an advantage since they'll be playing in the "Shoe," where you can expect somewhere in the neighborhood of 106,000 in attendance.
Plus, Miami has shown a recent tendency to struggle on the road (all four of their losses last season Virginia Tech, Clemson, North Carolina and Wisconsin occurred away from home).
But, with Harris and Pryor at the controls, both can change games by themselves.
Which one will state their case today?

Back on Track

After an embarrassing start to the 2010 season, expect No.8 Florida's offense to get back on track against visiting South Florida.
Look for the shotgun snaps (from Mike Pouncey) to get shored up and Brantley should be able to move the chains a little better, especially since he won't be juggling snaps and diving on frantic retreats chasing the ball.
Also, look for offensive lineman Xavier Nixon and Carl Johnson and defensive linemen Terron Sanders and Lawrence Marsh to return after absences last week to provide a little more stability on both sides of the ball.


Nine years ago today America suffered it's worst terrorist tragedy when nearly 4,000 men, women and children lost their lives for just being Americans.
Expect tributes and moments of silence in honor of those who were lost in these heinous acts, as well as the men and women still fighting terrorism here and overseas, all over the college football landscape today.
God bless college football, and God bless America.


  1. Not exactly what we wanted today out of the Gators from the start. But it seems like we started seeing a few things clicking with our o-line and some holes actually opened up for the ground game. Keep it going big guys!

    We all knew the BSU Broncos play a hokey schedule. But by playing the Hokies, wasn't it meant to be a positive, NOT a detractor to strength of schedule variable-ouch!

  2. Upset Alert???!!!!! Wasn't even close. Wow.