Sunday, September 12, 2010

Arm-Chair Quarterback Question of the Week

What were you most surprised by this past Saturday and why?

  • No.13 Virginia Tech's upset at home to James Madison
  • Kansas' win over No.15 Georgia Tech
  • Tennessee being tied with No.7 Oregon 13-13 at halftime
  • How easily No. 10 Oklahoma dominated No.17 Florida State


  1. The beating the sooners put on FSU was very suprising. I would never have believed that would have happened with all of the athletes on the FSU sidelien. Oh well. Great to be a Gator!

  2. I was glad to see that Oregon won. They can put up a fight against bigger teams.

  3. Probably all the above with exception of Tenn tied at the half. They are still in the SEC last time I checked.

    Va. Tech sorta makes sense with such a short rebound between games, I'd hate to be the Asst A.D. who inked that schedule move. Not sure who's seat is hotter , his or the Beamer's? They should have been able to beat James Madison with their scout team though! I'm amazed at how undisciplined they played.

    Didn't think Kansas could hang with any team unless the ball was round and bounced, much less Ga. Tech.

    But biggest surprise to me was FSU and Oklahoma. I thought it would have at least been competitive with O/S shot of an upset. Reality is, that was a tough early season game to draw with so much to put in place on defense. Especially when the defense you are trying to install, shares DNA with the Head Coach on the other side line.

  4. In college football nothing surprises me. I am astonished, however, by the way people are congradulating Oregon for beating an unranked SEC team in Tennessee. They were number seven. They were supposed to win. Everyone is saying how it was such an impressive thing because they can bet a top school. To me Tennessee hasn't been a top school in football for several years. The Gators don't even consider them a rival. This is another example of the PAC 10 being an inferior conference, and I say to hell with them.

  5. I thought OU would beat the Semis, but the beat down OU put on them was surprising. FSU looked really under prepared. VT losing has to diminish Boise States victory against them.