Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Wrap

OMG Moment of the Weekend
This weekend's OMG Moment revolves around a loss, but not one that will show up directly in the win-loss column.
Instead, this particular loss likely means we, the fans, will not see a piece of history made this season.
That is why the loss of Houston Cougar quarterback Case Keenum is so deflating.
Keenum tore his ACL during the Cougars' 31-13 loss to UCLA on Saturday, and now will miss the rest of the season, and quite possibly the rest of his college football career.
The senior QB entered this season with a legitimate shot at breaking the all-time NCAA passing yardage mark held by former Hawaii QB Timmy Chang and career touchdowns record held by former Texas Tech QB Graham Harrell.
During their careers, Chang passed for 17,072 yards and Harrell accumulated 134 TDs.
Heading into 2010, Keenum needed 4,122 yards to tie Chang and 43 TDs to tie Harrell.
Sounds like a longshot until you consider Keenum had passed for 5,000 yards or more in each of the past two seasons, including his 5,671 yards and 44 TDs last year.
In just over 7 quarters of work this season, Keenum had already amassed 636 yards passing and five TDs, leaving him just 3,486 yards shy of the Chang and 28 TDs short of Harrell.
Keenum redshirted his freshman year and would be borderline eligible to apply for a medical redshirt this year if he should choose to come back in 2011.
And, if the news wasn't bad enough for the Cougars (losing possibly the best statistical QB in the country), they also lost Keenum's back-up QB, Cotton Turner, for the season on the same night.
Cotton broke his collarbone against UCLA after Keenum went out.

Just hours after his team's thrilling OT victory over Notre Dame, Michigan State Spartans coach Mark Dantonio suffered a heart attack.
The heart attack was deemed a mild one, but still required surgery to insert a stent.
The Spartans (3-0) were trailing the Irish 31-28 following a Notre Dame field goal in OT when Dantonio called for a high-risk fake field goal withthe game hanging in the balance.
The call worked, as the holder Aaron Bates tossed a touchdown pass to Charlie Gantt for the win and a wild ending.
There is no timetable for Dantonio's return, but in the meantime, Offensive Coordinator Don Treadwell will lead Michigan State.

The Good Doctor
As astutely pointed out by a CFRT reader, Alabama runningback Mark Ingram must have one heckuva doctor.
Following arthroscopic surgery just days before the start of the season, Ingram returned this week showing no ill effects from the injury or surgery.
In his return, Ingram rushed for 151 yards and a pair of scores, including runs of 48 and 50 in his first three carries.
Of course, this all came against Duke, but still.

How 'Bout Them Commodores
Yes, we know the Rebels had already lost to Jacksonville State, and that this will likely be one of the few (if not last) SEC wins this year for Vanderbilt, but let's hear it for the Commodores' 28-14 win at Ole Miss Saturday!
Under first-year coach/comedian/turkey inseminator Robbie Caldwell, Vandy broke a streak of 10 consecutive conference losses.

Precision Passers
Ohio State's Terrelle Pryor completed his first 16 passes Saturday, TCU's Andy Dalton completed his first 11 and West Virginia's Geno Smith completed his first 10.

Russell Athletics
Yes, we know they are in the Awful Colossal Conference (ACC), but NC State looks like they might just compete for a league title this year.
Why not? The Wolf Pack look as good or better than any other in the ACC at this point.
The defense looked ferocious at times and the offense appears to be loaded with skill-position playmakers, especially QB Russell Wilson.
Wilson passed for 333 yards and three TDs on Thursday night against Cincinnati for a convincing, 30-19, win.
After watching this game, can anyone tell the CFRT with a straight face NC State couldn't hang with anyone else in the ACC?

Doctor Phil
He may just end up in hot water or forced to give a shallow apology for his remarks on TV this weekend, but the CFRT has to give credit to The Great Pumpkin (a.k.a.: Phil Fulmer) for saying what every other college football talking head wished they had the guts (or stupidity) to say about Lane Kiffin, now the head coach at USC.
Fulmer is one of the newest commentators for CBS Sports, and during a halftime segment Saturday, Fulmer let her rip about Kiffin - the coach that dropped Fulmer's former team (Tennessee) like a bad habit in the offseason.
"And often his arrogant attitude turned people off," Fulmer said. "The bigger question in my opinion is how does a guy like this end up with two jobs with historic football teams like Tennessee and USC?"
Good question Phil.

Head Scratchers 

Speaking of Quotes
Did you happen to catch Washington coach Steve Sarkisian's comments about his former player Reggie Bush when he was with the the USC Trojans?
On Bush giving back the Heisman Trophy, Sarkisian - who is a former USC offensive coordinator - told an ESPN reporter that Bush "had a chance to apologize, and look like the good guy. But in giving it back and not apologizing, he just looks like an idiot again."
Sarkisian later said he thought his comments occurred during a meeting with ESPN that would not be used for print.

The Bad Doctor
CFRT has generally defended ESPN's Thursday night halftime segment Dr. Lou (Holtz) if only out of respect for one of the great college coaches of all time.
But, even CFRT has had a hard time stomaching the past two house calls by Dr. Lou.
In this past week's segment, Dr. Lou was speaking to NASCAR stars Kyle Busch, Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart about how to raise children when he said, "I have four children and they're all girls except two and I am proud of that fact."
Now, Dr. Lou usually has a knack for saying something witty, but we just can't make sense of that one.

The Ugliest 3-0 in 2010 so far?
That would probably go to the USC Trojans and new coach Lane Kiffin.
Let's see, the program that pretty much had dominated most everything for the past decade gave up more than 500 yards to Hawaii (6-7 last year), barely hung on against Virginia (3-9 last year) and held on to win at Minnesota (6-7) on Saturday.
Hey, maybe Fulmer is on to something.

Bad Karma Part 1
Perhaps the T-shirts Tennessee fans wore to the game that read: "352 Time to Die" (in reference to Florida receiver Chris Rainey's run in with the law) should've read: "31-17 Time to Sigh."

Bad Karma Part 2
It's no secret that Ole Miss and coach Houston Nutt sold their souls in signing the wayward Jeremiah Masoli. But they should have heeded the old saying "Be careful what wish for" before they did. The Rebels are now 1-2 (with losses to powerhouses Jacksonville State and Vanderbilt). Does it make sense to keep playing Masoli, or start preparing Nathan Stanley now waiting until next year?

Totally Random Thoughts
  • Did anyone else think the way Arkansas QB Ryan Mallet hid the ball on that play-action pass to get their first TD against Georgia was a thing of sheer Chris Angel Mind Freak deceiving?
  • Good news for Gator fans - you're 3-0 and still haven't put two halves together.
  • Yes, Duke's defense stinks, but Ingram just might've run like that against the Baltimore Ravens on Saturday after being pent up for the first two games.
  • Note to all TV game announcers: This just in, Tim Tebow no longer plays college football, stop comparing EVERYONE to him.
  • We all knew Nebraska had a defense, but that
  • Note to Texas Tech players: It's bad enough that you have a QB who is like 6'4" and 197 pounds, don't nickname him "Stick."
  • Question: Is that the same Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly who said he was absolutely certain the Fighting Irish "are going to win a national championship," that it's "only a matter of time," as the Brian Kelly who has led Notre Dame to a 1-2 start? Thought so.
  • Another thought on Ingram, do you still think he couldn't win the Heisman if he were to run the rest of the season like he did on Saturday?
  • Can anyone in the PAC-10 stop Oregon? They're now averaging MORE than a point per minute. Alas, the wins have come against New Mexico, Tennessee and Portland State. CFRT digresses.
  • Do you think Boise State was trying to drive home a point with their 51-6 beatdown of Wyoming?

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