Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday's Arm-Chair Quarterback Question

What were you most impressed by on Saturday?
  • Arizona's upset win over Iowa
  • Arkansas' Ryan Mallet leading the game-winning drive over Georgia with :47 left
  • Michigan State calling and accomplishing a fake field goal in OT win against Notre Dame
  • Alabama's Mark Ingram rushing for 151 yards (including runs of 48 and 50 in his first three carries) following arthroscopic knee surgery he underwent in late August
Or, were you more impressed by something else? And, if so, let us know what that was.


  1. I was not able to watch any live football this weekend. But I tried to watch as many highlights as possible though.

    I have to be impressed with Mark Ingram, or at least with his doctor! That guy is a compact Emmitt with another gear. What a backfield in Alabama-Hey since Reggie turned in his Heisman, can we give out 2 this year? If 'Bama can keep it rolling and these guys keep it up......why not?

    I am not sure if this falls into the impressed category. But I am impressed with the impact Tim Tebow still has.

    The Gators are still calling offensive games as if Tebow was still wearing the Orange and Blue..well , Gator Orange & Blue.

    I thought Urban would at least try and build an offense around such a live arm, but I look to be wrong. Gary Danielson made commentary on it during the game. Heck even Urban himself made some comments on it that I thought were a bit odd. It seems he is a bit miffed that Brantley has yet to break 200 yds passing in a game this season!

    Well, um, coach, time to figure a few things out and make a decision.

    Do you want Addazio coaching the O-line or calling the plays? On top of being the "On Call" Head Coach, he does not have the time for BOTH critical coaching duties. Besides, how much could it be to hire Kerwin away from JU anyway??

  2. I think I'm still impressed that Mark Dantonio made that call!! Way to go for the win! I love how he showed faith in his players. Too bad he had to suffer a heart attack afterwards. Here's to a speedy recovery coach.


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