Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Trivia Question of the Week

When was the last time the Florida Gators beat the Alabama Crimson Tide (in football) in the state of Alabama?


  1. '98 was the last time Alabama was beaten by Florida in the state-but technically in the 2005 season Alabama had to vacate the win, would that be the answer??

  2. Congratulations to Daughtry4 for being the first to answer the CFRT Trivia Question of the Week correctly!! Prior to that 1998 matchup, the last time Florida beat Alabama in Alabama was in the 1993 SEC Championship Game (they played the first two SEC Title games in Birmingham before permanently moving it to Atlanta), and before that, the Gators beat the Tide in 1990 in Steve Spurrier's first year as UF's head coach.
    And, yes, Lizard Jr, we did think about the 2005 forfeiture by Bama, but refrained from asking a trick question.
    Thanks to you both for participating!!!


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