Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trivia Photo of the Week

The guy on the right is in the College Football and NFL Hall of Fames, but was also drafted in the second round of the Major League Baseball Draft after college. Can you name him? (Bonus points for anyone who can name the guy on the left)


  1. John Elway?? and I have no clue about the guy on the left.

  2. John Elway and his dad Jack

  3. John Elway, wouldn't have had a clue about that being his Dad. But look how they both have their arms crossed. Makes sense. Like Father like Son, seems the similarities stop there. Also I see a CNN Mic, but no ESPN??

  4. Congratulations once again to Daughtry4 for being the first to answer this week's Trivia Photo of the Week correctly.
    Also, nice job by bigrev174 for getting the question right AND scoring Bonus Points by knowing that the guy on the left was, in fact, Jack Elway - John's dad.
    Jack elway was also John's head coach at Stanford.
    Did you know that despite his illustrious career, John elway never played in a college bowl game?
    He came close though.
    He led Stanford to a last-second score against rival Cal, but Cal scored on the ensuing kickoff.
    You may remember the game, it's the one where Cal players are latteralling back and forth down the field before the last player crashes into the end zone AND a Stanford tuba player!
    Yeah, THAT game.

  5. Look at Elway. Now we know where Justin Bieber got his look from. 80's Elway.

  6. He was drafted by the Yankees.

  7. Actually, he Elway was first drafted by the Kansas City Royals in 1979 (interesting side note: the Royals also drafted Dan Marino in the 4th Round of the same draft).
    Elway was drafted again in 1981 by the Yankees.
    Then, in the 1983 NFL Draft, Elway was selected as the first overall pick by the Baltimore Colts, and on May 2, was traded to the Denver Broncos.
    Thanks for all the great feedback and participation guys/gals.

  8. OMG i know its,gah lee i no it,oh wait its Tim Tebows dad!

  9. Oh sorry i jus saw it was john elway.wait a second,i thought he was a singer?