Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trivia Photo of the Week

I played in the first national prime time broadcast of a college football game, and in that game I passed for 436 yards and three touchdowns and rushed for 104 yards in a losing effort. Who am I? 

All answers will be hidden until tomorrow and then they will be revealed in the order they were given. Good luck!


  1. Looks like an old Ole Miss uniform, playing Tennessee. Wearing #18.......Archie Manning.
    I remember Peyton saying he wore #18 in honor of his Dad. If he was wearing a white helmet, that looks a lot like Peyton in a Colts uniform in black and white.

  2. Congratulations to bigrev174 and Sean for accurately answering one half of this week's Trivia Photo of the Week. Ole Miss's Archie Manning was the player in question, and he put up that incredible 540-yard effort but still ended up losing to Alabama in that game.

  3. Just let me know if I win