Thursday, September 23, 2010

CFRT's First Quarter Report

Official CFRT Pie Chart
Don't look now, but the 2010 college football season we waited almost nine months for is already one quarter of the way over with.
So, what have we learned in these first three weeks?
We've learned that Alabama's No.1 preseason ranking wasn't just a token of optimistic charity.

That the NCAA has apparently adopted the old Twisted Sister hit song "We're not gonna take it, anymore" as their new motto about dealing with improper benefits from agents (a.k.a.: Pimps).
That Michigan's sophomore quarterback Denard "Shoelace" Robinson - who rode the bench most of 2009 - has jettisoned into the Heisman Trophy driver's seat.
That Florida, Texas and Oklahoma - albeit still undefeated - are currently just a shell of their former selves in the post Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford eras respectively.
That Boise State was impressive in their opening win over Virginia Tech, as long as you think it is impressive to beat a Virginia Tech team that lost to James Madison the following week in their own ballpark.
That Florida State and Miami are still not "back."
That Ohio State's Terrelle Pryor appears legitimate if you define "legitimate" as winning three home games against teams with a collective 2-6 record (Marshall, Miami and Ohio).
That we were wrong in wondering if Florida's John Brantley could fill Tebow's shoes, when we should have been wondering if he would ever receive a decent shotgun snap.
That Alabama runningback Mark Ingram apparently had bionic knee surgery instead of arthroscopic knee surgery.
That TCU is more than happy to let Boise State field all the BCS-buster mudslinging while they plot along at No.4 with one of the worst schedules in major college football.

That the infamous Smurf Turf in Boise is so psychologically intimidating that at least one team (Oregon State) has resorted to painting their practice field blue to get ready to play there. 
That Wolverines' coach Rich Rodriguez's seat is a little cooler these days, and Virginia Tech's Frank Beamer, Washington State's Paul Wulff, Ole Miss's Houston Nutt are feeling the heat.
That Oregon is absolutely, undoubtedly and unquestionably the best team in the entire nation as long as they are playing three teams with a combined 2-6 record this year and 10-26 last year.
That Notre Dame is still bad.
That the SEC still sets the bar and the only way the ACC and Big East are getting to a BCS title game is by car. 
That Nebraska, Stanford and Arkansas might just be for real, while Georgia and North Carolina are ready to keel.
And, that, before we know it, it will be mid-January and we'll be wishing it was the end of August again.

CFRT's Pick 6

Miami at Pitt
Both teams were in the preseason Top-15 and both teams are off to an awful start in 2010. The good news: both are still undefeated in their conference. The bad news: their conferences are quite possibly the worst out of the six automatic BCS qualifying conferences. Miami, 35-28.

No.1 Alabama at No.10 Arkansas
Razorbacks QB Ryan Mallett may just be the best signal caller the Crimson Tide will face this year, and the junior had one of his best performances to date last week, beating Georgia on the road with a game-winning drive with :47 left. Fayetteville will be absolutely rocking at night for the biggest game in 30 years there. 'Bama, 45-43 in OT

Kentucky at No.9 Florida
Kentucky has lost 23 in a row to the Gators, but that could change if Florida allows the Wildcats to get off to a big start and get in a game of catch-up. Kentucky, like the Gators, are 3-0, but have played Louisville, Western Kentucky and Akron. Gators, 35-24.

No.12 South Carolina at No.17 Auburn
Both of these teams have aspirations of knocking their division kingpins (Florida and Alabama, respectively) to break through for a trip to Atlanta in December. South Carolina didn't look overly impressive in their win over Furman, while Auburn erased a 17-point deficit to Clemson to win in OT. War Eagle, 24-21
No.24 Oregon State at No.3 Boise State
At the beginning of the season, CFRT said that the Ducks would beat one of the two, TCU or Boise State. Well, they lost at TCU in the opener, so that leaves Boise State, right? Right? Well, CFRT reserves the "right" to change our mind. Boise State, 31-21.

No.22 West Virginia at No.15 LSU
West Virginia looked better in their win over Maryland last week, but up to that point they had only beaten Coastal Carolina and Marshall, and even trailed all the way until their final drive in the OT win over Marshall. Meanwhile, LSU already has victories over two SEC teams (Vandy and Miss. St.) and one ACC team (North Carolina). LSU, 34-14.

Last Week: 6-0
Season: 14-4

Your Saturday "Couch Schedule"

"Early Game"
North Carolina State at Georgia Tech at Noon on ESPN

"Afternoon Game"
No.1 Alabama at No.10 Arkansas at 3:30 p.m. on CBS

"Remote Control Roulette Games"
No.12 South Carolina at No.17 Auburn at 7:45 p.m. on ESPN
No.24 Oregon State at No.3 Boise State at 8 p.m. on ABC


  1. Hoping Boise State loses. I'll be at the florida game so i wont get to watch the OSU vs BSU, but its got my interest. I think the game of the week is Alabama and Arkansas. If Alabama has a weakness i would say its secondary. I think Arkansas is gonna pull the upset. Arkansas 31-24.

  2. How many OTs are you predicting in the Bama Arkansas game? Otherwise, can you walk me through the scoring to get a 45-43 single OT win? Did the Alabama holder mis-handled the snap and they got the 2 point conversion, Arkansas then failed their 2 point attempt. Does Bama get the Tackle for a loss of 75 yards for the rare OT safety for the 2 point win.

  3. I got it, maybe Bama scores the TD and just goes for 2 to put the pressure on Arkansas and Arkasas fails on their attempt.

  4. Isn't there a rule that after the second OT you HAVE to go for two? Roll Tide Roll!!!!!!!!


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