Sunday, August 8, 2010

Labor Day game may turn out to be the Fly-In-The-Ointment Bowl

For those of us who have painfully waited since January - temporarily diverted by Signing Day and Spring Practice - the 2010 College Football season will heat up almost immediately, especially on Saturday, September 11.

On that particular day alone, in just the second weekend of the season, we will be treated to a glut of marquee inter-conference match-ups.

South Florida at Florida, Florida State at Oklahoma, Miami at Ohio State and Penn State at Alabama headline a day that will surely help define the national championship race.

However, there might be one game that takes place the week before that may have even more impact than Sept. 11.

#5 Boise State vs. #6 Virginia Tech on Sept. 6 (Labor Day) at FedEx Field (home of the Washington Redskins).

Oh sure, the Broncos and Hokies are both ranked in the top 6, but that's not the only reason why this is the FIRST pivotal game of 2010.

A Boise State win means they are squarely in the thick of the national title hunt, but also may give haters of the BCS a huge identity crisis.

Typically, those railing against the BCS are doing so in support of the Boise States (TCU, Utah, etc.) of the world.

However, it'll be interesting to see what those same people say if Boise State beats VT and runs the table the rest of the way against a schedule that is just a cut above high school standards.

Assuming Boise State wins on Labor Day, they will be favored by double digits in almost every remaining game on their slate (but then again,so would about 20 other BCS teams if they had this schedule in front of them):

at Wyoming
Oregon State
at New Mexico State
at San Jose State
Louisiana Tech
at Idaho
Fresno State
at Nevada
Utah State

My question to you is this: Should two one-loss BCS schools (i.e.: Alabama, Ohio State, Florida, Texas, etc.) leap frog an undefeated Boise State for a berth in the BCS title game?


  1. Yesssss! If any of those teams played that schedule, they should be looked over as well. We may put a few patsies on the schedule but we have enough to prove to anyone we can throw down on Saturday. The second stringers on the teams mentioned could probably do a respectable job playing that schedule, maybe not undefeated or BCS bowl worthy, but probably bowl eligable.

  2. Mike first of all i like the site hope to visit it often. Second of all. If Bosie St. is undefeated at the end of the year you HAVE to give them a shot at the title before a BCS teams with 1 loss. I feel like going undefeated reguardless of who you play is difficult. Bosie St. went out and made a strong enough non conference sced to diserve a shot. I dont think Oregon St is a push over. In conference Fresno St and Hawaii have been good in the past and have potential to make some noies and stir things up.