Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Five reasons why 'Bama won't repeat as BCS Champions

Now that all the preseason polls have been released, it's official, the Alabama Crimson Tide will begin the defense of their BCS National title at No.1.

Later I will explain why I think these "polls" are the first step - the GPS, if you will - that leads the BCS down the wrong road to determining a national champ, or at least one that makes everyone happy anyway.

But the release of these polls also marks a great time to let you know that Alabama will not repeat as BCS Champions this year.

Now, before my Crimson Tide friends get too upset, ask yourself this: Have you listened to any of 'Bama Coach Nick Saban's preseason comments about repeating?

Even Saban doesn't want to hear any talk about repeating or starting at No.1, but rather would like the entire Crimson Tide Nation to realize last year is history and has little or nothing to do with this season.

And I agree, so here are five reasons why Alabama will not repeat this season:

5. Never been done. Since the BCS was created in 1998, no team has been able to create an encore performance - not USC, not Florida, not Texas, not LSU...well, you get the point. There's a reason why it's never been done. Every team 'Bama faces this year will see a huge bulls eye on their chest and get up for that game as if it's their personal opportunity to make a name for themselves by beating "The Champs."

4. Pressure Cooker. The hype alone is enough to stress an entire fan base out, much less the team and coaching staff. Look what it did to Florida and Urban Meyer last season. By the time the Gators faced the Tide in the SEC Title game, they were wound tighter than Lindsey Lohan.

3. Not-So Special Teams. 'Bama will be breaking in a freshman kicker and punter, and with the graduation of Javier Arenas, they said goodbye to automatic great field position and home run-hitting ability on punt and kick returns. Not saying someone can't replace these guys at some point, but there's a reason why the Tide won it all last year, and a lot of it had to with a veteran special teams unit that is now gone.

2. Because "Defense Wins Championships." We've all heard it, but there's a reason why it's a cliche'. And it's one of the top reasons why Alabama won't repeat. I hate to keep using them as an example, but heading into 2010, this team - defensively - reminds me of Florida in 2007. That team had a stellar returning offense and was coming off a national title with Tim Tebow, Percy Harvin and Co., but like this year's Tide, had to replace 9 starters on defense. The last time we saw that team it was getting OUTSCORED by a mediocre Michigan team in the Citrus Bowl. 'Bama not only has to replace 9 starters, they lost 12 out of their top 15 tacklers and a total of 13 defensive players with at least three years of experience.

1. Bye-Bye Baby. We've already talked about the fact that every team - not just conference foes - will be getting up a little extra when they face the Tide this year, but how about the schedule Alabama faces this year? Forget that they play Penn State early on, forget that they may end up playing Florida or South Carolina TWICE (if they make it to Atlanta). But 'Bama will play its final six SEC games against teams coming off a bye. That means South Carolina, Ole Miss, Tennessee, LSU, Mississippi State and Iron Bowl arch-rival Auburn will each have an extra week to prepare for the Crimson Tide.


  1. Are you kidding me?? Whos gonna beat Bama in the sec? Win the sec, win the bcs. Roll Tide!!!!!

  2. I agree with Mike. No one in the SEC will win the national title this year. It's the Big 10s year this year!

  3. I put 'Bama #1 as due respect in my pre-season list. To me, the defending champ is #1 until somebody comes along and knocks them off. If nobody can, they need to be there in the BCS title game. Do I really think they will be #1 and repeat as champs. Probably not. That list of 5 says a lot, but even with one loss with that schedule? Would be hard to argue against the merit of the Tide having a shot at making making history. Rationally, I think it is up to Ohio State and Texas this year. Realistically I'm just ready for toe to hit leather and couldnt give a crap right now about the end of the season. Let's get this thing on!

    PS-Lindsey Lohan. Tight? Really?

  4. Alabama will lose at least 2 this year.

  5. The BIG TEN wont win the national title. As shown in the past the BIG TEN cant hang with speed. ALmost every conference goes with a passing or spread attack using speed. The BIG TEN is smashmouth football. I think it will be a sleeper but dont count out the SEC.


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