Monday, August 23, 2010

Fan Photo of the Week

This week's (College Football) Fan Photo of the Week comes from Sean in Orlando, Florida.

A snapshot of Sean and friends outside the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida on January 1, 2008.

Send me your college football experience (games, tailgating, football parties, stadiums, pictures of you with players, anything related to college football, etc.) photos to be used as the CFRT Fan Photo of the Week.

Send your photos to today! 

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  1. Wish this photo was taken outside our bowl stadium about a year later, or a year earlier for that matter. But this was fun.... until the 4th quarter. Was my only time seeing Tebow in person. He'd just won the Heisman and we had a good offense with and a guy named Percy-he scored 4 TD's that day! (3 pass/1 rush)Percy scored 2-(1 rush/1 reception) Our defense just could not knock Henne off the field on 3rd down and in the 4th quarter they turned into blocking dummies. Fun regardless of the final score(41-35). I got to tailgate with some great friends and a bunch of gators! It was like the good ol' days being back home in Gainesville.


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