Monday, May 30, 2011

Tressel's sudden exit begs the answer to a couple questions

By Mike DaRoza
CFRT Editor

You can call him "The Senator."
You can call him "The Vest."
But you can no longer call Jim Tressel THE coach of THE Ohio State University Buckeyes anymore.
Tressel's sudden resignation - amid the looming dark cloud of NCAA investigation in Columbus - begs the answers to two questions.

1. Does this mean that things are worse than we thought in the Horseshoe?

I mean, we already knew about all the selling of signed memorabilia, gold pants, championship rings, comp tattoos, etc.
Could there be more uncovered?
Tressel and other university officials were scheduled to meet with the NCAA brass in August to answer - in much more detail than they've offered up to this point - questions regarding the violations that were committed by Terrelle Pryor and Co. last year.
Tressel's bolting could be a surefire sign that there was/is a lot more going on in Columbus than we thought.

2. Does Urban Meyer's family time out and "health problems" suddenly get better now?

Meyer, who not only was an assistant at OSU, but is a native Ohioan, re-resigned at Florida at the end of last year siting a need to spend more time with his family.
Just a year before that, Meyer sited "health problems" as the reason he originally resigned as the Gators' head coach before he changed his mind and returned the next day.
Everyone thought Notre Dame was Meyer's dream job, but this could be the opportunity someone like Meyer can't pass up.
The talent in Columbus is still top shelf.
Huge, loyal fan base.
Fertile recruiting ground within the state, as well as a national presence.
And, it's Urban's own original backyard.
Just saying...

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  1. Yeah, an article that I just read at SI Online has Urban at the top of the list. If he really has health issues, seems to me that OSU would be the last place to go.....can't get much more stress/pressure than that situation.
    Ringo II


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