Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks - 2010 College Football Style

CFRT Editor

When I mentioned to my wife the other day that this college football season is almost over, she said it sounded as if I was actually upset about it.
Well, duh!
Am I the only one who happens to think it's borderline criminal that we college football fans have to wait nearly nine months for the season to finally get here, and then before you can say "scumbag-agent, no-shoelace-wearing-Heisman-front-runner, Longhorn-lamenting, 400th game-winning, latest-Heisman-front-running-pay-for-play scandal," it's gone?

Penn State's Joe Paterno got a victory ride for win No.400 against Northwestern.

Well, before I just sit back and let it escape without extending full appreciation - not to mention today is Thanksgiving and I needed a way to segue into a column featuring things I'm thankful for - I would like to give some thanks to the 2010 college football season so far.

With that said, I am so thankful...

  • For huge upsets that end up not looking so huge a few weeks - or even days - later.
  • For Lee Corso's stroke recovery.
  • For the little teams that could (a.k.a. James Madison).
  • For the times sportscasters DON'T compare someone to Tim Tebow (OK, so there aren't very many of those times, but I'm still thankful on those rare occasions).

For most of 2010, Oregon has averaged nearly a point per minute, giving their mascot plenty of pushups to do.

  • For not having to do as many pushups as the Oregon Duck mascot.
  • For getting to watch Joe Paterno coach during my lifetime.
  • For the fact that I never sold a game jersey and was suspended for four blog posts. 
  • For successful fake field goals (even if they cause heart attacks sometimes)
  • For the fact that there's only ONE blue football field. 

The Doctor is almost OUT for good this season.

  • For the fact that there are more Dr. Lou segments behind us than ahead of us.
  • For the fact that Les Miles isn't managing my biological clock.
  • For the fact that Florida Offensive Coordinator Steve Addazio doesn't call the plays for the company I work for.
  • For the karma that comes along with taking advantage of an NCAA loophole to escape trouble by transferring to Ole Miss. 

Nebraska coach Bo Pelini losing his ever-loving mind on an official at the conclusion of the Cornhuskers' loss to Texas A&M last week.

  • For knowing Nebraska coach Bo Pelini isn't mad at me.
  • For not having Lane Kiffin's karma. 
  • For Rivalry Weekend and the precious few regular season games we have left.
  • For the fact that no matter how over-used it is, sportscasters still insist on yelling "He's gotta catch that pass!" (which ones do you gotta miss?)
  • For not having to give back the Heisman Trophy I never won. 
Former USC great Reggie Bush vacated his 2005 Heisman Trophy.

And last, but not least, I am thankful... 

  • For everyone who has logged on, read, commented on or spread the word about College Football Round Table!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

CFRT's Pick 6

(Turkey Day)
No.17 Texas A&M at Texas
On paper, at least this year, this game sounds like a huge mismatch. The Aggies are 8-3 and have won five straight, including big wins over Oklahoma and Nebraska (both of which were No.8 heading when they played A&M). Meanwhile, Texas is a huge disappointment at 5-6, losing six of their last eight games. The lower-ranked team has historically played better recently in this rivalry, but I just don't it will be enough this time. Aggies, 31-17.

No.2 Auburn at No.11 Alabama
At the beginning of the season, if we would have been asked which team would still be vying for a national championship led by their Heisman Trophy candidate when this game rolled around, most of us would have been wrong. Both teams have enjoyed an off week (yes, I know Alabama played Georgia State last week, but that is as close to an off week as you can get). The Crimson Tide have won the past two Iron Bowls, but haven't won three in a row since '90, '91 and '92. If the 'Bama offense can't control the ball on long drives - thus controlling the clock - and keep Auburn's Cam Newton off the field, it could be a HUGE day for War Eagle fans. Tide, 35-31.

No.21 Arizona at No.1 Oregon
Arizona upset Oregon (who was No.11 at the time) last year in a thrilling 44-41 double OT game, so they shouldn't be intimidated by the No.1 Ducks, especially since Oregon is coming off perhaps their worst performance of the season in their 15-13 win over Cal two weeks ago. However, the home team has won the past three in a row in this series. Ducks, 49-21. 

No.4 Boise State at No.19 Nevada
Most everyone has been pointing to this game since late September as the last chance for someone on Boise State's schedule to beat the No.4 Broncos. After all, Nevada is 10-1 and playing at home, where they haven't lost since September of 2009. Against three of their common opponents, here is how these two fared: 
Boise State 51 Fresno State 0 /Nevada 35 Fresno State 34
Boise State 48 San Jose State 0/Nevada 35 San Jose State 13
Boise State 42 Hawaii 17/Hawaii 27 Nevada 21
So much for last chances. Broncos, 45-31.

No.5 LSU at No.12 Arkansas
LSU averages 29 points a game, most of that comes on slower, clock-chewing drives because they are a miserable 108th out of 120 teams in passing (151 yards per game). Meanwhile, Arkansas - led by QB Ryan Mallett - is No.3 in the nation in passing (340 yards per game) and haven't scored less than 38 points in their last six games. Razorbacks, 41-40 OT.

No.13 Oklahoma at No.9 Oklahoma State
The Sooners have won the last seven in a row in the Bedlam Series, and have won 37 consecutive home games. The only problem is, they're playing this game in Stillwater, and Oklahoma's only two losses this season have come on night games on the road. Last year, the Cowboys came into this game ranked No.12, while Oklahoma was unranked. The Sooners not only upset the Pokes, they blanked them 27-0. But, just like the saying goes in real estate, location, location, location! OSU, 27-24.

Last Week: 6-0
Season: 51-21

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