Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Trivia Question of the Week

Can you name this Auburn grad? Here's a hint: He won six SEC Championships.


  1. That would be VinCe Dooley

  2. That is a young Vince Dooley - Won those six SEC crowns @ Gawga. Won a National Title in 1980 with some help from freshman Herschel Junior Walker. Here's some irony for you Mike - after that 1980 title season Dooley was offered the Auburn job. He turned it down and Auburn hired UGA alum Pat Dye.

  3. Tiger Woods! :) ino im right caus im always rite!so wat do i win??!!2 tix 2 th gator vs. lsu game?

  4. Vince Dooley sorry

  5. Congratulations to Lizard Jr. for being the first to accurately guess that this Auburn grad is, indeed, Vince Dooley of Georgia Bulldogs fame.
    And congrats to everyone else who got the answer right, although the CFRT is wondering how two separate people could answer wit ha faux pas "Vine Dooley."
    Yes, Rob, I was fully aware of the irony of Dooley being from Auburn and "Tie" Dye being from UGA...I was hoping the menu and "Auburn grad" part would throw everyone off.
    But no dice, you guys are too good, except....for Anonymous 3:19 PM...
    Thanks to all who participated, tomorrow's trivia will be posted by 7 a.m. Good luck and please continue to SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT CFRT!!!