Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Arm-Chair Quarterback Question

His team did finally win, but with a serious and long-term trend of clock management issues, is Les Miles in danger of losing his job at LSU?


  1. As long as they keep ending up with more wins than losses I don't think he will lose his job over bad time management skills. He is in more danger of losing his job if he doesn't perfect finding a quarterback to stick with.

  2. No college coaching position is safe from the long reach of the Boosters nowadays!

  3. It is a matter of time before Rich Rod is gone from Michigan and Les will be in Ann Arbor.

    - - Ringo

  4. How about Richt at UGA??

  5. From the way they played on Saturday, I don't see the game coming down to time management for this group of Tigers against the rest of their schedule. uf beats them by at leat 10, Tide Rolls them by at least 10, Auburn beats them by at least 10.

    Alabama Andy


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