Sunday, September 5, 2010

Arm-Chair Quarterback Question of the Week

What was the best and worst part of the first Saturday of the 2010 college football season?


  1. best part in my opinion was just the fact that big time college football is back in season. Nothin like waking up and flippin on the tv to nothing but quality games. The worst part obviously was the way the gators looked. They just didnt seem like they were ready to play. Hopefully they can get back on the practice field and work on the simple fundamentals. If miami of ohio would of been an SEC team im sad to admit it but we would have lost. -Will Scaff

  2. I love offensive football, but seeing that the Gator defense could step up and make big plays really pleased me. If they didn't have to be on the field the entire first quarter, as hot as it was, and if the offense didn't give the redhawks excellent field position, it would have been a 34-0 or 34-3 game! This win goes to the "D". I would like to see the offensive scheme of future games lean more toward the arm of Brantley. He made some mistakes in game one, but who wouldn't be a little nervous filling Tebow's shoes. My game two goals would be to build Brantley's confidence early and let him do what he does best.
    P.S. Who else got that "deja vu" feeling after Thompson dropped that long pass! Get him some stick-em please.

  3. I agree about Brantley's nerves, he was throwing lasers on swing passes.
    The offensive numbers would have looked much different without all the botched snaps.
    Them and the turnovers kept them from developing any rhythm.
    As for Thompson's drop, I thought the d-back come over the top with his arm just as the ball got there. It was a good bang bang play.
    What I couldn't believe was there was no Andre Debose!
    If you're searching for a playmaker or someone to spark something on offense, why not put the guy compared to Percy in at some point????