Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fasten your seatbelts folks, this one could get wild!

Is there anyone out there as tired of hearing the following words as I am?
OK, that last one really isn't a word, but you get my point. 
I cannot remember another college football offseason as weird as the one we can finally say goodbye to today.
That's because today is what we have all been waiting for - GAMEDAY!
Obviously the bulk of the season openers come Saturday, but tonight's slate of games - most notably Southern Miss at South Carolina (and I guess USC at Hawaii if you can handle the 11 p.m. eastern kickoff) - officially delivers us from an entire offseason of chaos and into a new beginning.
And what a wild ride 2010 promises to be. 
Usually it's the Novembers we remember, but by the end of the first two weeks of September, the Top-25 landscape could look drastically different.
Boise State's season could either skyrocket or fall off the launching pad - this Monday!
And September 11? 
Oh....My....God, what a day.
Miami at Ohio State, Penn State at Alabama, Florida State at Oklahoma, are you kidding me?
Tim Tebow's gone, Colt McCoy's gone, Sam Bradford's gone, Bobby Bowden's gone. 
With all the chaos, uncertainty and huge shoes to be filled, 2010 should be one for the ages.
Enjoy the ride, I know CFRT will.

CFRT Picks
Southern Miss at South Carolina
Even the Head Ball Coach has had a visor full of off-the-field problems, but the Gamecocks are 4-0 and have outscored the opposition 80-18 on Thursday night season openers under Steve Spurrier. South Carolina, 35-14.

Kentucky at Louisville
It's the Former Coordinator Bowl, as former Florida defensive coordinator Charlie Strong begins his era at Louisville and former Kentucky offensive coordinator Joker Phillips takes over for the Wildcats. Strong will eventually build at The 'Ville, but this year is not that year. Kentucky, 24-10.

UConn at Michigan
This is a tough game to pick. I know in my brain that UConn is probably the better team, but something tells me Rich Rodriguez has something up his sleeve. In a shot in the dark, I'll go with the underdog and take sleeves over brain, Michigan, 33-31.

No.24 Oregon State vs. No.6 TCU
Upset Special!
Another tough one to pick. Oregon State could singlehandedly knock out the BCS busters this season as they face both TCU and Boise State. I think they'll win at least one, this one. Oregon State, 41-35.

No.21 LSU vs. No.18 North Carolina
Another tough opening-week pick, even though one of UNC's best defensive players Marvin Austin has been suspended indefinitely (there's two of those words again, sorry). But, for some reason I like LSU in Atlanta. LSU, 17-14. 

No.3 Boise State vs. No.10 Virginia Tech
Can Boise State hang with the Big Boyz? They beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl in 2006. They've beaten Oregon the last two years in a row. Why would anyone think they can't beat Virginia Tech? Good question. I have no good reason, but Virginia Tech, 38-35.

Did you know...
...that the University of Michigan finished its $226 million renovation to The Big House over the offseason?

When the Wolverines host UConn (3:30 p.m.) on Saturday, their new digs will have increased in overall capacity to 109,901 - up about 2,000 from the previous design - making it the largest football stadium in the country (Penn State is now 2nd, just in case you're wondering).

And that's not all, the new Big House was specifically designed to give the place more home field advantage.

According to school officials, the new structures "will better capture and direct the noise of our fans toward the field."

Your Saturday "Couch Schedule"

Can't figure out what games to watch? What channel? What time?

Don't worry, we've got you covered.

CFRT believes in making your Gameday viewing experience as efficient as possible - even if the only quality time it creates is between your backside and your couch.

Here's the ones to watch and why.

"Early" game:
Miami (OH) at No.4 Florida at 12:00 p.m. on ESPN
Have no idea why this made ESPN, other than the lack of other worthwhile games on.

"Afternoon" game:
Kentucky at Louisville at 3:30 p.m. on ABC
Last year there was just one African-American head coach in college football, and in 2010 there are five. This game features two of them (Kentucky's Joker Phillips and Louisville's Charlie Strong).

"Remote Control Roulette" game(s):
No.24 Oregon State vs No.6 TCU at 7:45 p.m. on ESPN
One of only two opening-day games featuring two ranked opponents, and an opportunity for non-BCS school TCU to bolster its weak strength of schedule.

No.21 LSU vs. No.18 North Carolina at 8:00 p.m. on ABC
The ACC has lost the first three Chick-fil-A Kick Off games, which has pitted top-ranked teams from the ACC vs. the SEC to open the season. Can UNC, with all their offseason distractions, make an early statement for the ACC?


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