Saturday, August 14, 2010

Could SEC cannibalism finally end streak?

Debate all you want about what the best conference in college football is, the Southeastern Conference is the King of College Football.

And, until another team from another conference wins a national title - the SEC has won the last four BCS Championships - for this column we are going to assume the SEC is at the head of the class.

Take that one step further and since Alabama and Florida have combined to lose only one regular season game in two years (UF's one-point loss to Ole Miss in '08) and duked it out for the conference title the past two years, the Tide and the Gators certainly have to be considered the valedictorians of that class.

The consensus does nothing to change that as we stand at the threshold of the 2010 season.

Alabama and Florida were ranked No.1 and No.3 respectively when the USA Today Preseason Coaches' Poll was released last week.

Now, if you've either followed, or been a fan of, the SEC during their four-year reign, you have no doubt wondered at some point if the weekly grind of the conference schedule would allow any SEC team to play for a national championship.

Only one of those past four BCS champs (Bama last year) went unscathed through the conference, and LSU - who won it all in '07 - captured the national title despite two losses.

In fact, the only losses those past four BCS champs suffered were conference losses.

My point is, it's nothing new that the SEC annually beats up on each other during the season, but somehow finds a way to reach college football's summit when the dust settles.

My question however is, is this the year that streak ends?

The SEC West is arguably stronger from top to bottom this season.

Despite the fact that LSU has gone 8-5 each of the last two years, they get Bama in Baton Rouge with a bye week the week before.

Speaking of which, the Tide's final six SEC opponents of '10 all have an extra week (bye weeks) to prepare for Alabama.

As far as the East, Florida has had little trouble in the last two seasons navigating through their division, but they will be trying to do that with a new QB (John Brantley) who hasn't started a football game - much less in college - in four years.

So, what about the Tide and the Gators, or anyone else in the SEC?

Will they be able to extend "The Streak?"

At the very least, you have to admit the odds are stacked against them, don't you?


  1. I am a biased fan of SEC football but there is no denying that it is the toughest conference in all the land. As I see it, the biggest competitor the SEC will face this year, in trying to repeat as Five Peat National Title holder, is the rest of the nation's jealousy. There will be advocates in favor of giving another team a shot if the SEC team, in contention for the title, has even the smallest blemish on its record! Which to me dosen't make sense. A one or two loss SEC team is more deserving than an undefeated team from almost any other conference.

  2. I feel that there should be a playoff system in place to see who truly deserves to be in the big game! Of course your going to believe that the SEC is the hardest conference when that's who you pull for... Im not saying that your wrong ,Im just saying let the teams slug it out! I never hear people complain about who has it easy in the pro's! they let the teams with the most drive showcase their skill , mixed with their hunger define the end of their seasons. I will always choose college over pro all day! That's why I feel the kids should have the right to determine their destiny!

  3. A one loss SEC team will make it to the BCS Championship game, even with the sentiment against it throughout the country IF the team they play in the championship game is highly ranked. This year, 2 losses will be pushing it. Heres acrazy scenario: It will be interesting if it is a rematch of last year. (if teams are again ranked 1 and 2). One of the teams will have already beaten the other-if both those games are close, hard fought and exciting, with each team with a win over another-should the BCS championship game be the SEC tiebreaker to see who gets the Crystal football?? We would need a few stange and impossible things to happen, but isn't that why we love college football?

  4. The streak will continue.....and that's all I have to say about that.

  5. Mike again the SEC will have its winner in the BCS championship game. With strength of schedule and the quality of teams that we have, its a no-brainer. I mean name one team that could be an Alabama team or Florida if they are at the top of their game. ??????? Noone comes to mind.


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